Wabash BlueBird Pilot Models

Here are photos of the uncorrected Blue Bird pilot models. Some of the key corrections include: the production models will have correct color see through ( not fogged ) glass in the dome and car side windows. The seats and dome floors will be lowered to the correct height. Railings will be eliminated and window shades will be added in the walkways under the domes. Please see your dealer to order.

Blue Bird Pilot Models 011 Blue Bird Pilot Models 012Blue Bird Pilot Models 010Blue Bird Pilot Models 009Blue Bird Pilot Models 008Blue Bird Pilot Models 007 Blue Bird Pilot Models 006 Blue Bird Pilot Models 005 Blue Bird Pilot Models 004 Blue Bird Pilot Models 003 Blue Bird Pilot Models 002 Blue Bird Pilot Models 001

Southern Pacific SD45R (also MRL)

We are producing a very limited run of Southern Pacific SD45R GRIP models. These will come in a number of configurations and paint schemes each with appropriate details. A few of these locomotives went to Montana Rail Link. We will be doing a couple of those as well.

UTI 5022Above is a photo representing UTI 5022.

UTI5026Above is a photo representing UTI 5026 – Photo courtesy Robert Forsstrom

Models will come factory finished, dcc ready, with directional lighting. See your UTI dealer (listed on the friends list at right) to order. Quantities will be limited to pre-orders only.