E unit update

HI Everyone

We would like to apologize for the delays on the E unit project. Our Korean builder has had some production issues. Not with the models specifically but with his internal process and personnel. He now has it sorted out. We are hopeful the first batch E3s-E7s will be here in the next couple months. They have been built and are in the paint shop. The E8s and 9s will be a couple months after these. Thanks again for your patience.

Chuck and Ed

E unit project update.

We have been working with Boo Rim on the final aspects of the E unit project. We will be delivering the E units in two separate groups. The E3s, E4s and E6s are in the paint shop now. We expect them to arrive in the US in the next 60 – 90 days. The E7s, E8s and E9s will follow about 60 days after that. We are sorry but with over 60 different versions there is no way the builder could do them all at once.

Thanks for your patience, they will be worth the wait.

Friday Update May 22 – Scrubbing the PA

We hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend remembering those that gave the ultimate sacrifice so that we may live in Freedom.

Our PA detail booklet is available by clicking on the link above. Scrubbing the PA much like scrubbing the PA detail photos and notes. Here is a photo courtesy of Bob Zenk – Photographer unknown. – They sure look good in Daylight, especially clean.