9 thoughts on “Pre Pilot Model Posted

  1. I’m thrilled that someone is doing SP SDP45’s. Boo Rim makes awesome stuff and they do it right. My question is are you going to bring in SDP45’s from later era’s? I saw that your sample model has L-shaped windows. I also saw that you have a kodachrome unit in a sample picture. There were three units in kodachrome in 1986, and the L-shaped windows were gone when that paint was applied. I am particularly interested in the 3201 and 3207 painted in kodachrome or the rebirthed scarlet and gray. These two units were kept for business train service with their steam generators. If you produce these two units, I will have my reservations.

    Thank You,
    Scott Inman
    Sacramento CA

  2. Hi Scott
    We are doing versions with and without “L” shaped window. Just to clarify you want no “L” shaped window with steam generator (post Kodachrome for 3201 and 3207)? I will see what I can come up with on research for that version but it should be doable.

  3. Wow, SDP45’s, cool…. Wait…no SD40M-2 “SDP45” version? It is dual marketable to all those EL fans out there that are dying for SDP45’s, since those never had the S/G equipment.

  4. Hi Matt

    For now only steam generator equipped SDP45s due to the square back end. We will have many follow on diesel projects and the EL, Conrail and MK SP SDP45s with the boatail rear end are in the funnel. Thanks

  5. Hi Ed,

    I’m thrilled to hear that you are looking into the 3201 and 3207. I’ve been researching these units for a few years since I am putting together an HO scale 1986/1987 SP Business Train. You said that you were looking for some research, so here it is.

    When SP ended commute service on the SF Peninsula to Caltrain, the SDP45’s were demoted to freight service. There were two exceptions to this because SP still needed locomotives for their business train fleet. Even though SP had a generator car, they retained freight-classified SDP45s 3201 and 3207 with steam generators for business train service. At this time they would have had scarlet and gray paint with block “SP” on the nose. According to photo records, 3201 had an M5 airhorn, while 3207 had an M3. It appears that both units had their original style of dynamic and radiator fans, but overhead shots are needed for verification. Also, by this time, both units had their L-shaped windows replaced with conventional fittings.

    In January 1986, SP painted 3201 and 3207 into the “Kodachrome” failed SPSF merger scheme. The units kept the same detail, but had “Roseville” and white stenciling painted on the battery box doors under the cab. Sometime in late 1986 or early 1987, SP 3201 received a gray Nathan P3 to replace its yellow M5. SP 3208 was also painted into the merger paint, but only saw freight service for 11 months in that paint until it was wrecked and scrapped in late 1986.

    After a career in experimental paint, 3201 and 3207 were painted back into gray and scarlet in August of 1987. The time left for SDP45s in business service was short. In October of 1987, SP received the last of its new order of GE B39-8E locomotives. At this time, SP took 3201 and 3207 out of business service to be replaced by the B39-8Es. The units remained on freights until being retired. 3207 was retired in January of 1989 and 3201 was retired in January of 1990. Both units were sold to Morrison-Knudsen and scrapped in 1996.

    If you do the 3201 and 3207, then it is the same brass, just different paint to offer them in both in kodachrome and gray and scarlet. If you need some photo’s of the units, we can make arrangements off list.

    Thank You,
    Scott Inman
    Sacramento CA

  6. Then that means that the SP rebuilt their business cars to eliminate the steam heating only as the ac was reliant upon SP 295 the generator car.

  7. Hi Charlie the SP cars were rebuilt a number of times but retained steam heat for quite quite a while. That is why 3201 and 3207 kept their boilers so late in their life.

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