New SDP45 Versions added

A friend has pointed out an overlooked version of SDP45 that we will be producing in this production run. UTI 5003 has been added. It represents two prototypes that were rebuilt and retained their steam generators for executive train and commute service. SP 3201 and 3207 in red and grey paint. We have also added a BN version retaining its Big Sky Blue paint but with BN road numbers. Thanks for your input.

6 thoughts on “New SDP45 Versions added

  1. Dear Chuck & Ed:

    I hope you have great success and a lot of fun with your new venture. I just thought I’d pass along a few intended constructive thoughts about the pilot model of the SDP-45:

    First and foremost, the gray paint looks flat with no gloss. These engines were quite shiny, and did not become flat until weathered or grimy. Remember, a modeler can apply weathering at any time after purchase if he or she desires. Applying a gloss (or semigloss) finish to a model that is supplied with flat paint is difficult to say the least, if not impossible.

    The handrails look too thick.

    Aside from that, I too have a very large fleet of Overland brass models, so I should state that a concern of mine is that your models can run nicely lashed-up with Overland diesels.

    I hope this is helpful. I’ll look forward to hearing more details about the SDP-45 as they become available.

    Cheers! MARK

  2. Best of luck on your SDP45 project. Do you have a date for when the SDP45’s were rebuilt, eliminating the L shaped window? I operated as engine crew on an SP Officer’s Special in late 1983 or early 1984 (engine numbers 3207 & 3201) and want to order the correct version. I cannot remember the window configuration but the locomotives were Gray & Scarlet.
    Many thanks,
    Jeff Reed

  3. Hi Jeff the SD45 GRIP project began in 1979 and the SDP’s were cycled through Sacramento some time between 1979 and 1982-83. Out of the hundreds of photos I have the “L” shaped windows seemed disappear around 1980. I am guessing but 1983 -1984 most likely saw the 3201 and 3207 without the “L” shaped window (version UTI 5003). I will update this if I can prove otherwise. Thanks much for your interest.

  4. What will the cost be for the SDP45’s? Any plans on producing the SDP40’s? If so, I can get photos of one as it currently sits in BNSF’s Eastfield deadline in Topeka.

  5. Hi Charlie
    We are considering next projects and the multiple variations of the SDP40 the GN/BN/BNSF are very interesting to us. Check back as we solidify our project road map. We are still working on firm pricing for all models the volatility of the dollar is causing a bit uncertainty at the moment. Thanks for you thoughts.

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