New SDP45 Version added

We have added a BN freight version SDP45 this version will have no steam generator and will represent a late in life version that lasted into the 1990’s. It is being done as a special offering available only from Dynamic Models (Mike Jarchow) Please let Mike know if you are interested in one of these there will be very few of this version available.

The first passenger car project is moving forward with the pilot models back in Korea and the corrections being made and production beginning early in January, we expect the models in early March.

First Passenger Car Project Pilot Model Photos!

I have posted some photos of the pilot models for the 60’s San Joaquin and Coast Daylights Trains and cars as well as the early Amtrak versions. Keep in mind these are pilot models and we are going over theme with a fine tooth comb to get them as accurate as possible. There will be a number of changes before production some obvious and some not so. Enjoy!