New SDP45 Version added

We have added a BN freight version SDP45 this version will have no steam generator and will represent a late in life version that lasted into the 1990’s. It is being done as a special offering available only from Dynamic Models (Mike Jarchow) Please let Mike know if you are interested in one of these there will be very few of this version available.

The first passenger car project is moving forward with the pilot models back in Korea and the corrections being made and production beginning early in January, we expect the models in early March.

5 thoughts on “New SDP45 Version added

  1. SDP45 was also purchased by Derelco (N&W) for the Eire Lackawanna these units were stored at Sayre Pa. the Lehigh Valley shops by Conrail.MK Morison Knudson rebuilt these units and some of them ended up on the Southern Pacific during the SP rebuild program prior to the merger.Maybe you should add the Eire Lackawanna units to the mix you will get three owners Eire Lackawanna Conrail and Southern Pacific.

  2. Hello Bill

    We have contemplated the Erie Lakawana units and unfortunately they can not be incorporated into the first production run. We have it on the list for future production runs. Thank You

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