SDP45 Pilot Model Photos Posted

After spending many hours with the pilot models at the Hartford NMRA show and going over them with a fine tooth comb they and the correction list are headed back to Korea. There will be many changes incorporated into the production models but we thought you would like to see the pre-production hand made samples. Please check the photos tab for an up close look at each of them plus a family shot.

FIrst Project Update!!

We have reviewed the production models with a fine tooth comb and here are the pending final changes. The seats will all be lowered in the final models and window shades will be installed in all cars. The orange wing will be the correct red ball and wing with lettering gray background under the wing….and the Amtrak red stripe will be a darker and correct red.

We are very happy with the quality of the cars as delivered and believe everyone lucky enough to end up with some of them will love them. They roll silky smooth……