DODX Flat Cars

We are working on another new freight car project. The Ortner version of DODX heavy-duty six axle flat cars. These are very unique cars that were built in the mid 1980’s and are used to haul heavy military (usually tracked) vehicles. They can also be configured to carry single level standard ocean going containers. We have posted a couple of photos and have original prototype fabrication drawings in hand. We will offer this model in a number of road numbers for those that may want to do a unit train of military equipment. We are researching the Thrall and FGE versions of this car as well and may include them if appropriate research material can be obtained.

12 thoughts on “DODX Flat Cars

  1. Hi there.

    That is just great news. I’ve been searching hi and low for those cars. when do you expect to have these cars ready for sale? and do you have an estimated sale price?


  2. Hello Peter

    We do not yet have firm pricing for these models. We do exepct them to be in stock in the second half of 2010. Thanks much for your interest.

  3. Talked to you guys at SP meet, and am looking forward to these cars. Hope that you can announce
    order taking on SP list. I would also strongly suggest you mention the cars on the MFCL (modern
    freight Cars List) yahoo group before actually ordering product run, as there are many people there
    that would be interested in the cars! Can’t wait!

  4. I will bring a photo of a load of Marine Corps Assault Amphibian Vehicles (AAV). I am modeling this specific load and a few other loads similar to it.

  5. Please provide more info on these cars. Scale?, price, etc. I scratchbuilt four 68′ six axle cars and six four axle red cars out of Accurail 89′ cars. Not the greatest, alot of work, but it’s close enough. I’m not sure I want to go through all that work to moake more.

  6. Hi there.

    Any news on the DODX flats? Do you still exepct them to be in stock in the second half of 2010? and anything on the price?

    Best, Peter

  7. Hi Peter

    We are still working on the DODX project and have yet to receive pricing from Korea. Most likely we will slip into the first quarter of 2011 for delivery. Thanks for your interest.


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