Darn US Customs

The SDP45’s and the surprises missed their flight to Springfield. Thanks very much US Customs, feeling good about the taxes we pay. Anyway we will have photos of the SDP45’s up this weekend. They have some unique features never seen before on a brass model (see through steps). Will also post photos of the SP and Rock Island Econonmy Baggage cars and the ACF 10-6 transcontinental pool sleepers. Sorry about the no show models this weekend….. sigh

Production SDP45’s (plus surprises) will be at Springfield

Please stop by and visit our good friends Brian and Missy Marsh at the Overland Models booth during the upcoming Amherst Model Railroad show in Springfield, Massachusetts the weekend of January 30 and 31. They will be displaying UTI models and we should have production samples of the SDP45 for your review. There have been over 100 changes implemented on the models since the NMRA and SPHTS shows last year. Delivery is set for late February. We will also have pilot samples of our upcoming run of SP and Rock Island economy baggage cars and transcontinental pool sleepers.