NMRA 2010

This year our models will be displayed at the Overland Booth at the NMRA show in Milwaukee. We will have production samples of each SDP45 as well as the economy baggage and transcontinental sleepers. Please stop by and say hi to Brian and Missy and check out the models.


SDP45 Update

Hello Everyone
We want to keep you up to date with the latest on the models. After completing testing and inspection there were a couple of minor paint corrections needed on a couple versions that we discussed in an earlier communication. We also identified numerous inconsistencies in the quality of drive operation. Due to the inconsistent nature of the drive issue we returned all the models to Korea for re-work. This past Thursday we received the corrected drive sample and it runs as smooth as you would expect a model of this caliber. We have approved the correction for production implementation on all models. The good news is you will love the way these models run and pull. The bad news is they won’t be back until the end of July.

SDP45 Update

Hello all sorry for the delay in updating. We have been busy inspecting and testing the SDP45’s and have uncovered a few minor issues. The special edition BN units and the Kodachrome units had some very minor paint issues that needed correcting and were returned to Korea. We also had a number of models that had a slight hitch in the drive system and they were also returned for correction. We will release them all at the same time. We expect them back in the US in 2-3 weeks. The red and grey versions look very nice. Our first passenger car project consisted of over 750 models and we had two returned out of that number for problems. We are working to ensure the same quality control on our locomotives. We are sorry for the delay but trust you will appreciate the effort.