New car names added to the transcon sleeper project!!

For those interested in the upcoming transon sleeper project check out the passenger car list for new car names added to the some of the versions. Many of these models are being produced in quantities of 4 or less. Don’t miss out.


SDP45 Response

Thank You all for the great response to the SDP45 project. We are sold out on a number of versions and the others are getting low. We had the opportunity to add some additional road numbers to UTI 5003. We added the UTI 5003-3 and UTI 5004-4 and the road numbers are 3201 and 3207 these models are intended to replicate the two SDP45’s that kept their steam generators into the late 80’s for use on the Executive / Business trains. They are modeled in the rebuilt configuration. Only 9 of each were produced. If you model the SP in the late 80’s you might want to have a look at these. Thank you again and watch this page for an update on the SD45R and SDP40F projects as well as the freight and passenger cars in the works.