New car names added to the transcon sleeper project!!

For those interested in the upcoming transon sleeper project check out the passenger car list for new car names added to the some of the versions. Many of these models are being produced in quantities of 4 or less. Don’t miss out.

4 thoughts on “New car names added to the transcon sleeper project!!

  1. I saw that Alpine sleepers for Union pacific have been added, going to be added or you have no clue what I’m talking about. I’m very interested in 14 Sec sleeper “Alpine” for the UP. I need one if not two for the City Of Portland. Let me know if I’m close and hopefully with a cigar. I look forward to a response, positive or negative. Kevin

  2. UTI 1085 is a UP Alpine sleeper painted in B&O colors as in the photo in the SP sleeper book. We are not planning on doing the car in UP colors. We can do a couple of them in UP colors if we have firm reservations through your dealer. Thank You

  3. I’m the author of the Kalmbach book Pennsy Streamliners and I’m very grateful for the PRR transcon cars. You will be getting an order for a few of them.

    On another subject, have you considered doing the SP Budd 1950 Sunset Limited? The train was scheduled to be done by Key but…….



  4. Hi Joe
    We plan on importing some of the transcontinental sleepers that ran through from the East Coast on the Sunset Limited. Information about these cars can be found in the Southern Pacific Historical and Technical Society sleeper book. The planned models are listed on our web site. At the present time, we do not plan to import the entire SP Budd 1950 Sunset Limited. There are sets and individual cars on the market from time to time that were imported by The Coach Yard in the 90’s. These models were very well done.



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