Happy New Year!!

We hope you all have a healthy and happy New Year. The SP and Rock Island economy baggage cars are at dealers now. We have a few left, get them before they are gone. Pool sleepers are on their way back from Korea and should be here next week. The NYC are all but gone with the others going fast. We are going to have some additional updates on the DODX flatcar project in about a week. The SD45R projects has been put on hold due to pending release by another builder. Thanks for all of your support in 2010 and look forward to some new projects in 2011.


2 thoughts on “Happy New Year!!

  1. I was eagerly awaiting the SP SD45R release, and was disappointed to see this announcement. Seven months have now passed, and I have yet to see an announcement from another builder. Would it be possible to get an update on the status of this project.

    Hoping you go through with it.

  2. Thanks for your note. We have not received enough reservations to move forward with the SD45R. We are holding it open for now but need more commitments before we can move forward.

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