Part 2 and 3 of the KCS passenger car project

Next delivered will be a mid 60’s Southern Belle delivered in six car sets, de-skirted, narrow width diaphragms, baggage/dorm/RPO,divided coach built 1956,coach built 1965 and former NYC lounge obs painted Southern Belle. Additional cars available as single models will be lightweight baggage cars, express box cars, de-skirted 14-14 sleepers and natural stainless steel former NYC lounge obs with KCS letterboard.

The third increment will be the modern KCS business fleet.”

We will have a detailed list posted shortly.

New Project!! KCS Southern Bell and Business cars

“We are finalizing details for three KCS passenger car projects which will be delivered in succession.

First delivered will be the 1949 Southern Belle in six car sets of skirted streamlined cars with full width diaphragms. Set A and set B will have different car names. Each set will have baggage/dorm/RPO, divided coach, coach, diner,14-4 sleeper and lounge obs. Add on sleepers will be available as single cars.