Part 2 and 3 of the KCS passenger car project

Next delivered will be a mid 60’s Southern Belle delivered in six car sets, de-skirted, narrow width diaphragms, baggage/dorm/RPO,divided coach built 1956,coach built 1965 and former NYC lounge obs painted Southern Belle. Additional cars available as single models will be lightweight baggage cars, express box cars, de-skirted 14-14 sleepers and natural stainless steel former NYC lounge obs with KCS letterboard.

The third increment will be the modern KCS business fleet.”

We will have a detailed list posted shortly.

8 thoughts on “Part 2 and 3 of the KCS passenger car project

  1. When can I order individual cars from Dynamic Models. I want the express boxcar and NYC Stainless observation. You are painting these in southern Belle very dark green and not black–right? When do you expect the SP lounge cars?

  2. Hi Tom
    We should have the specific model numbers for this project posted in a couple days. Once they are up you can place your order. The colors on the KCS cars will be very dark green. SP lounge cars are currently a future project pending sufficient reservations.

  3. Hi Ed,

    Where can we see pictures of these cars?

    Will any of them be appropriate for early 70’s Amtrak?

    Thanks, Mike J.

    • Amtrak purchased 4 baggage cars(became 1086-1089), two 14-4 sleepers(became 2520 and 2521) and one diner(became 8044) from KCS in 1974. They also leased(for one season) two ex KCS 14-4 sleepers(from private owners) during the equipment crunch around 73-74. Amtrak still owns two of the KCS baggage cars. One is parked outside the Wilmington, DE shop building and one is parked behind the Niles, MI maintenance building, both used for storage.

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