1949 KCS Southern Belle Pilot Models

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Here are photos of the pilot models of the 1949 Southern Belle. Corrections will be made before production models are released. Production quantities have been set and a few models remain available. See your dealer soon if you are interested in one of these models.

DODX Flat Car Update

Below are the painting and lettering diagrams for the DODX flat car project.

UTI 7020 Painting and Lettering diagram

UTI 7021 Painting and Lettering diagram

UTI 7022 Painting and Lettering diagram

There will be some changes to these on the production models. At this point there will only be 250 total models produced. If you are interested in these models please get them ordered as soon as possible. We expect them to be sold out before arrival. Estimated MSRP is expected to be $269.00