DODX Flat Car – painted hand made samples

Here are a couple photos of the painted hand made samples our DODX flat cars. There are a few models available for reservation. Please see one of the dealers listed under friends to the right to reserve.

DODX Road Number Revisions

Based on additional research we have narrowed the available road numbers to more accurately reflect the car series being modeled. Please review the pricing and description .PDF by clicking on the DODX tab under the banner photo above. We are still producing seven road numbers for UTI 7020 and UTI 7021 plus an unnumbered version of each. We are doing four road numbers of UTI 7022 plus an unnumbered version. Many thanks to Dave Olsen for the clarification. Painted samples should be here later this week.

DODX Flat Car hand made samples

Hi All

At long last we have the hand made samples for the up coming DODX flat car project. There will be some corrections before production models are released. Check back in the next week or so we should have painted samples up then. There are only about 100 of these models remaining unreserved. We expect those to go quickly.