DODX Flat Car Update

The cars are now in production. Due to no reservations we have canceled the un- numbered versions. They have been replaced by one more numbered version of each model. There are now eight numbered versions of UTI 7020 and UTI 7021 and five  numbered versions of UTI 7022. Please review revised price list in the DODX heading above. There are only a few remaining of each.

DODX flat car update

The models will come with tie down chains and hardware as well as container pedestals and pedestal cover plates so the modeler can change the appearance of the deck of the cars. Attached are a couple photos with some Minitank M1A tank loads. The tanks are not included with the models.

1949 Southern Belle

The 1949 Southern Belle pilot models were returned to Korea last week and production has begun on this project. There are a few remaining sets available for reservation. Please see your dealer soon to ensure you don’t miss out on this excellent new project.