DODX flat car buckeye trucks

We will have a very limited number of the modern buckeye truck found under the DODX flat cars available separately. They will retail for $51 per pair. Please get your orders in ASAP. They will be painted flat black like on the model.

7 thoughts on “DODX flat car buckeye trucks

  1. Hello and thanks so much for producing the dodx flats!! Can I order the trucks from your company or should I contact one of the distributors listed on your website?
    Thanks, Curt Pope

  2. How are you doing for remaining inventory of both the Buckeye Trucks, as well as the DODX cars? The two I purchased look great, and I have been custom camouflaging HO Scale M1A1 Abrams that will really look good with the tie-downs that came with your fine models. Hope you are having an exceptionally nice Holiday week, out on the Islands!

    • HI John – Thanks for the kind words. We really do like the way the DODX cars turned out. All of the extra trucks as well the cars are sold out. There may be a few available at some of the dealers.

      all the best

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