New Project Announcement – Wabash Bluebird sets and seperate cars!

Union Terminal Imports is pleased to announce production of the Wabash Blue Bird. The six Budd built cars will be available in sets 1) in the original lettering with removable full width working soft baffle diaphragms over working narrow width diaphragms and 2) the later lettering with narrow width diaphragms. The Pullman Standard built dome parlor car will be available as a single add on car in both the original lettering with full width diaphragms and the later lettering with narrow width diaphragms. Available as single cars will be N&W and Amtrak versions of the Budd built cars as well as N&W, Southern, CofG, IC and Mopac Eagle and Mopac Jenks versions of the PS built dome parlor. The models will be built by Boo-Rim Precision of South Korea, builder of all Union Terminal Imports models. See the matrix above for details.