Southern Pacific SD45R (also MRL)

We are producing a very limited run of Southern Pacific SD45R GRIP models. These will come in a number of configurations and paint schemes each with appropriate details. A few of these locomotives went to Montana Rail Link. We will be doing a couple of those as well.

UTI 5022Above is a photo representing UTI 5022.

UTI5026Above is a photo representing UTI 5026 РPhoto courtesy Robert Forsstrom

Models will come factory finished, dcc ready, with directional lighting. See your UTI dealer (listed on the friends list at right) to order. Quantities will be limited to pre-orders only.

12 thoughts on “Southern Pacific SD45R (also MRL)

  1. Great to hear that this project is moving forward and looking forward to placing my order. One quick question on the speed lettered SP SD45R’s (UTI 5025) – SP 7437 and SP 7500 had a few differences between them in real life, particularly with the 7437 having Union Pacific style pilot mounted ditch lights, its horn located in its as delivered location over the cab, and the circular rings remaining where the class lights once were, while the 7500 had high deck mounted Southern Pacific style ditch lights, the horn relocated back over the long hood, and no remnants of the classification lights.

    Would it be possible for you to clarify which version of these details your UTI 5025 model will have?


    • Hi Kyle – thanks for pointing that out. We have modified the Speed Lettered version to not include ditch lights mainly due to the variability of details once ditch lights were installed. Also have chosen two road numbers that have the same details. Thanks again


  2. Hello, I was wondering if you could clarify if the 5024-1 & 5024-2 models will have the “L” shaped window. I does not specify in the description. In almost every picture I have for the era I am modeling, these units do not have the “L” shaped window. Thanks.

    • Hello Ryan – Thanks for the note. No SD45R GRIP unit was produced retaining the L shaped window. All of the models in this project will have the revised window configuration (non L shaped) as they emerged from the rebuild. I have posted a more consistent description sheet eliminating any reference to L shape window.

      • Thanks for the quick response. Just so I am clear, is the only difference between 5024-1 & 5024-2 vs. 5025-1 & 5025-2, the paint scheme (the old Grey & Scarlet vs. the newer Speed Lettering)? Or do they have other details that are different? Thanks.

  3. Hello,
    I think I have one last question: I was going to place an order with a dealer and was wondering if you would offer special orders for an unlettered (or unnumbered) and/or unpainted version of the 5024 or 5025 version? I am modeling the late 90s and by this time these units had some super heavy weathering, which may be difficult to duplicate on a fully painted and lettered model. In some of my pictures I have it is almost impossible to tell it is an SP unit. I may need to apply paint and/or decals myself in order to create the effect I am after. I have been able to get unlettered/unnumbered/unpainted locos through Overland and a dealer is usually willing if you put down a small deposit. I wanted to check with you first before I call my dealer. Thanks.

    • Hi Ryan
      We can do an unlettered version but would need a 25% deposit for that. I am sure I can get a unpainted model as well. I have to ensure I don’t get stuck with that one and would need 100% deposit on unpainted. Both types of deposits would be due when the project is green lit. I am guessing that will be in about 60 days.


      • Hello,
        Just wanted to check in and confirm if this project is definitely cancelled so I can request a refund from my dealer for the deposit. Thanks.

  4. HI Ryan – It is not canceled but on indefinite hold. I would however, ask for your deposit back. It is unlikely to receive enough reservations to move forward.


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