Next Passenger Project Development Activated:

   Southern Pacific –  Golden State 1955-56 and 1960’s Trains and cars
   Many Roads Pullman Built 10-6 sleepers 
For those who have already reserved ’55-’56 Golden State and 60’s Golden State cars, thank you. We have started the process of creating these models with our builder Boo-Rim Precision. Projected delivery is late 2015.  On the ” in development ” tab of the website, these cars are in the UTI 1025 through 1064 number series. We will be announcing Golden State sets soon so please keep an eye on our website. SP 2982, the Del Monte lounge, and other special cars are included in this project.
At the same time, and with Boo-Rim,  we will be producing a wide variety of Pullman built 10-6 smooth side and fluted sleepers. A few versions are already listed in the ” in development ” tab of the website in the UTI 1070 through 1084 and UTI 1088 through 1099 number series. We will be adding many more versions including NP, L&N, N&W, RF&F and more. The additional catalogue numbers and descriptions will be announce soon, so please check back.

5 thoughts on “Next Passenger Project Development Activated:

  1. Is it possible to purchase a “mixed” consist (i.e. other than set A (#2020) or, set B (# 2021) ? Please advise, thanks.

    • Hello Houston We typically create the sets as stated. Too many variations is difficult for our builder. If you want a different consists I suggest adding single cars to the set or just buying the single cars.



      • “OK”, I have placed an order for the RI set B ( item # 2021). Looking forward to the HO scale replica of the train that I rode on many times heading west from Chicago.

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