SP 5067 UTI 1029 cancellation

Due to the outstanding recent production of SP 5067 in Golden State simulated stainless steel I livery by The Coach Yard, we are removing UTI 1029 from the Golden State project. If you have not yet purchased one of The Coach Yard’s excellent SP 5067’s, we have seen them available in dealer showcases.

2 thoughts on “SP 5067 UTI 1029 cancellation

  1. Good evening, this email is to request you to reconsider your decision to cancel UTI-1029 (SP-5067). The Coach Yard and all of the dealers I’ve been able to check are completely sold-out of TCY-0929.3 It seems that the Dark Olive (# 0929) had a 2014 run but item # 0929.3 which was painted for the “Golden State” in the Scarlet upper and silver lower car has not been produced since 2001. I’m not sure of the paint date of the silver w/daylight red letter board with the orange “Golden State” logo (TCY-0929.3) However, there are none available and I hope you might decide to go ahead and produce some. Thanks for reading this and I await your reply.

    • Hello Houston, thanks for the note. At this point the entire project (except the sleepers) is on hold due to limited reservations. I expect the sleepers will be produced as a stand alone project some time in 2017.


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