SP PA Era Update

We have a had some request to fame up the appropriate era for each of the PA variations. The PA spread sheet has been updated with a date range for each model group. Please keep in mind the following;

Basic notes on “eras” —
• Eras reflect general unit class and major variations
• Era overlaps in paint schemes and appliances were common
• Eras reflect the earliest or latest in-service dates of certain appliances (plows, icicle bars, etc.)
• Late eras generally reflect retirement dates
Some very general PA appearance milestones —
• 1950: Start of snowplow pilots
• 1956: Start of low icicle bars, grille changes
• 1958: Start of Scarlet & Gray paint; some experimental lettering
• 1961: Start of tall icicle bars; end of Wagon Wheel antenna
• 1962: Start of dynamic brake baffles
Note that — 
• Not all units received all modifications common to an era
• Modifications often had time overlaps between units of the same class or group
• Daylight and Scarlet & Gray paint mixed freely between 1958 and 1960


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