First Batch E Unit Production Samples – are here

We have received the production samples for the first part of the E unit project. These are subject to some minor changes. We expect to issue pick up notices for the E3’s, E4’s, and E6’s in the next few weeks. This project is sold out but we are still taking stand by reservations in the event someone does not pick up their models.

MOP B1 unit MOP B unit MOP AB unit MOP A unit2 MOP A unit1 MOP A unit MOP A nose unit KCS Side KCS Rear KCS Nose KCS Front CRIP RS CRIP Nose CRIP LS2 CRIP LS1 CRIP LS

4 thoughts on “First Batch E Unit Production Samples – are here

  1. Hello Ed,   It appears that you were able to “fix” that bent stirrup problem I mentioned to you previously!!!  My future Rock Island E3A #625 looks beautiful now as you said it would be!!!   Any pics of the ATSF E6AB Nos. 12/12A that I also ordered?   Can’t wait for these along with my E8’s and E9’s!!!   Len Lutecki

  2. Would you guys consider a ACL E3 and E6 unit? Especially in the Champion scheme!?!? It has never been done!
    I can find 5 guys to order it!

    • Hi Adam – Thanks for the note. This batch of the E units are already in production (and sold out). We will consider for the next run of them some time in the future.

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