E7s – E9s production samples

At long last we received the E7-E9 project production samples. There are a few paint corrections required. Dealers should expect pick up notices shortly. Thanks for your patience. Most are fully reserved but there are a couple BN and KCS versions available. The NYC version shown is an exclusive for The Caboose in Wolcott, Ct.

NYC E7 UTI 5353-1 SP UTI 5381-1 SP UTI 5380-1 SP UTI 5373-1 SP E9 UTI 5384-1 NW UTI 6369-1 KCS UTI 5370-1 Wabash UTI 5367-1 WAB UTI 5368-1 WAB UTI 5344-1 SP UTI 5382-1 KCS UTI 5352-1 KCS UTI 5351-1 BN UTI 5366-1 BN UTI 5363-1 BN UTI 5361-1 BN UTI 5360-1 Amtrak UTI 5375-1