E7 – E9 update – thanks for your patience

Happy New Year everyone. The good news is the NYC E7s have been delivered to The Caboose in Wolcott, Connecticut. This was a project done especially for The Caboose. They may have one or two remaining. The SP E8s and E9s are next. We have seen the production samples and they are beautiful. Boo Rim is finishing them up. Hopefully they will be ready at the end of January. The rest of the project will follow those in about 30 days if all goes according to what we are being told. We are sorry for the delays on this project but we are limited to what information we get from Boo Rim. Thanks for your patience.

2 thoughts on “E7 – E9 update – thanks for your patience

  1. Hi – how are the other E units coming along, BN etc.? Saw the interview from Boo Rim on Brass Trains but did not hear any status other than the SP units. Are those still on schedule 30 behind the SP’s as indicated here?

    • Hi Bob – the first batch of SP (all of those painted Daylight) arrived today. We are inspecting and getting ready to ship. Dealers have pick up notices. The rest of the SP are about 30 days out with the final batch of all the others about 30 days after that.


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