Pullman 10-6 Sleeper Update

Thanks to information provided by and encouragement from Bill King, UTI has added the three N&W County series 10-6’s in the N&W blue scheme. Please see the Pullman 10-6 link in the menu above for car details.

5 thoughts on “Pullman 10-6 Sleeper Update

  1. Hi guys, looking at the revised list for the 10-6 sleeper project, you may want to revise the Ownership and Car Name/No for the SP cars UTI 1081 and 1081-1. Keep up the good work, Pete

  2. Ah, got it! #s 364 and 365 built for through sleeping car service from Seattle to Portland and owned by NP but identical to the SP painted 10-6 sleepers apart from the ‘Northern Pacific’ in the letterboard. There is also a photo of 364 on page 38 of ‘SP Passenger Train Consists and Cars 1955-1958.’

  3. Ed, Chuck,
    Watched the Monday Morning Express today and they mentioned the sleepers. Glad to see your doing these. ALSO, nice to see your doing Espee GS head end cars. Always welcome more SP head end cars. When do we here about these cars? Thanks, Dave

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