SP Narrow Gauge Project!!!! – The Slim Princess in HOn3 – by Boo Rim Precision

We are happy to announce a new and we hope very well received HOn3 project. The SP Narrow Gauge! In this project we will produce all of the motive power from the 1950’s forward including number 8, 9 and the newly restored #18 as well as diesel #1.  We will also produce some select pieces of rolling stock including the number 401 in two versions, the number 12 combine, the water tender tank car and four different freight cars. We know there are many fans of the Slim Princess and we really hope to receive the reservations needed to make this project a reality. There is a list above with the specific versions of each piece we will do. The photos below show some of the versions and there are references to other photos that are available in books and on-line. Please see your dealer and get your reservations in on these. They are critical in making this a reality. 

Photo by Scott Inman UTI 5703-2

Photo by Gordon Clark UTI 5703-1

Photo by Scott Inman UTI 5703-2 Photo by Dudley Westler UTI 5701-2Photo by Dudley Westler UTI 5700 Photo by Alden Armstrong UTI 5704-1

Photo by Dudley Westler UTI 5703-1 Photo by Chard Walker UTI 5709 – there will be multiple road numbersPhoto by Chard Walker UTI 5706 Photo by Dudley Westler UTI 5708 Photo by Dudley Westler UTI 5705 (the auxiliary water tender)  Photo by Dudley Westler UTI 5711 there will be multiple numbers 


9 thoughts on “SP Narrow Gauge Project!!!! – The Slim Princess in HOn3 – by Boo Rim Precision

  1. Good after Ed! Great news on the SP hon3 stuff. Been a fan of it since 1957. Need to know basic price range for the loco,s and the cars and water tank. Also, when would the stuff be coming in. Thanks so much. John Myers.

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  2. Hi John – We don’t have pricing info yet. I would expect them to be in the range of small HO scale steam and diesels and freight/passenger cars. We will post pricing as soon as we know. – thanks and please let your friends know.

    thank you


  3. Ed, interesting news but I received an e-mail post from Jack Vansworth last Sunday saying he (Division Point) were doing the narrow gauge SP ten-wheelers and associated combines/cabooses in HOn3 next year. Surely you can’t both be doing them? Unless you have agreed to take the project off him?

    • Hi Pete – We spoke to Jack yesterday. We told him we are doing them. We want to do a much larger catalog of the rolling stock with the locomotives and the diesels. We have a commitment from Boo Rim to build the project for us. Appreciate your interest.

  4. Could some of these appear in Carson and Colorado livery too? (Time period might be a problem I know.) I engineer the five Disneyland narrow gauge steam locomotives-the best job in the Park!

    • HI Michael – the versions we are doing are 50’s era so wouldn’t be correct for C&CT. We could consider doing the earlier version if there was enough interest (10 models) – thanks

  5. Ed! Am very interested in the freight cars. I already have 5 of their locomotives. Soon as you have an idea about prices, please let me know so I can plan on acquisition. Thanks. John Myers

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