KM Project update Update

Bob Zenk our technical expert partner on this project has been posting photos and descriptions on numerous online forums ( – Facebook SP Prototype modelers page and the 9010 Facebook page. Please check them out of you haven’t seen them yet. Final reservations are due by this Saturday. These models will elevate the art of brass diesel models to a level never before seen. – thanks for your support

Below is a small sample of the correction note package we sent back to Boo Rim


Norfolk Southern Heritage Units

We are pleased to announce production of the entire fleet of Norfolk Southern Heritage units in HO brass built by Boo-Rim Precision in Korea. The models are being produced with details “as delivered”. The project team includes Brian and Missy Marsh who will be providing their extensive data package of photographs and notes captured while they were on-site as the units rolled out of construction and painting and in service photos. Models are available individually and in a complete set. Those who commit to a complete set will receive a wood wall display case with brass tags identifying each of the 21 units. The models will be imported in increments of five or six models with an increment being delivered at three to four month intervals. We anticipate delivery of the first increment in mid to late 2019.” Some photos of a select number of them below. All photos by and courtesy of Brian Marsh, all rights reserved.
Photo by Brain Marsh UTI 5830-3

Photo by Brain Marsh UTI 5830-7

Photo by Brain Marsh UTI 5825-3
Photo by Brain Marsh UTI 5825-7

Interesting version of Number 9

The story goes the Bakersfield roundhouse foreman decided number 9 needed a new look. He asked the shop forces to change her into a more historic looking locomotive. Those working the Slim Princess, especially engineer Walt Ferguson, were not happy with the result. We are offering number 9 in this configuration for those that find it cool, or that happen to model the date range she was in this configuration.

Photo by Dudley Westler UTI 5702