4 thoughts on “DODX Caboose Project Cancelation

  1. I’m extremely interested in the projected S.P. narrow gauge models, especially locomotive #18 in 1950’s mode as well as combine-cabloose #401. I’d consider preordering but it’s pretty hard to absolutely commit until there are some at least ballpark ideas of actual prices. Can anybody give me any info on this?

    • HI Ted
      At this time there are no firm prices available. Pricing will be solidified once the number of models ordered is finalized. Sorry I know a bit of a catch 22. They will most likely be in the $1500 range MSRP based on the other highly detailed brass steam coming out of Korea. We will only build to pre order quantities and do not charge a deposit. Best bet to ensure you get one is to place an order with a dealer that doesn’t charge a deposit. You have nothing to lose doing that. – thanks

  2. You are killing me. I kept checking and the DODX caboose escort cars were never available to buy. Of course it would have been better if you had some radioactive coffin cars or missile cars to go with them. Best if you have something for the escorts to escort. If revisited, please note that the DODX caboose paint schemes have changed.
    Brandon Wehe

    • Brandon like virtually all brass imports. We are dependent on pre-orders to gauge viability of a project. All of our dealers accept pre-orders with no money required. We had zero reservations for these cars. Thanks for your note and sorry.

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