DODX Caboose Project Cancelation

Unfortunately due to virtually no reservations we are forced to cancel the DODX caboose project. Thanks for your interest.




2 thoughts on “DODX Caboose Project Cancelation

  1. I’m extremely interested in the projected S.P. narrow gauge models, especially locomotive #18 in 1950’s mode as well as combine-cabloose #401. I’d consider preordering but it’s pretty hard to absolutely commit until there are some at least ballpark ideas of actual prices. Can anybody give me any info on this?

    • HI Ted
      At this time there are no firm prices available. Pricing will be solidified once the number of models ordered is finalized. Sorry I know a bit of a catch 22. They will most likely be in the $1500 range MSRP based on the other highly detailed brass steam coming out of Korea. We will only build to pre order quantities and do not charge a deposit. Best bet to ensure you get one is to place an order with a dealer that doesn’t charge a deposit. You have nothing to lose doing that. – thanks

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