UPS and Insurance Costs

“We have recently suffered a significant loss at the hands of UPS who lost the box containing the SP narrow gauge steam engine pilot models. As we researched ways to further protect against loss from shipments both from Korea and to our dealers, we have decided to purchase a Cargo Policy from UPS Capital, a subsidiary of UPS. Changing carriers was ruled out as the other options were deemed even worse than UPS. Please be prepared for a significant increase in shipping costs billed through to you as we spread this annual insurance premium cost ratably across shipments during the year. As always, thank you for your support of our projects. Chuck and Ed. “

4 thoughts on “UPS and Insurance Costs

  1. I can almost assure you someone at UPS knows about trains and helped them selves to your package. How can it be tracked to a certain destination and yet disappear. I’ve had packes lost for a week or so but eventually show up or back at the sender. Have 4 of your flat cars and a Krauss maffie.

    • Hi David

      I think you are probably correct. They disappeared at Lathrop hub now 5 weeks ago. After making it from Seoul to Anchorage to Ontario, Ca. UPS has declared to us they have stopped looking for them.

      Thanks for your support

    • Hi Michael – unfortunately our Korean Builder charges just about the same for a mid to large size steam engine as they do for small. These are priced similarly to the latest Division Point HOn3 K36 project

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