DODX Flat Cars – ReRun – plus extra trucks

We are excited to announce a rerun of our very popular DODX flatcars. These models sell quickly on the secondary market if you run across them. Brass Trains lists them currently with a value of $450. Se Ho has a greed to do them again for us and since he has the data package we were able to negotiate a very fair 2020 price of $418 each MSRP. Your favorite dealer will probably give you a break on that price. We are doing ten new road numbers of the olive car, ten new road numbers of the BN green car and five new road numbers of the grey car. We also have a limited number of the trucks available separate for you scratch builders. These models are in production and should be here in the summer of 2020. Please get your orders in soon. They will sell out.

Here are some photos of the first run models and some with loads by our friends (some very skilled modelers). (ours will not come with loads) so start grabbing the Minitanks M1s when you see them. Arsenal M is also a good source for modern military equipment (loads) 


2020 Inbound model update

Happy New Year Everyone

The Illinois Central, Wabash, CofG and SP E units are in and at your dealers. We have a very few remaining if you missed them. The Illinois Central City of Miami and City of New Orleans trains shoudl be here in the next few weeks. We have approved the production samples. Last but not least the 10/6 sleepers should be here in the next month or so. Most are spoken for but we have a few left.

Next up will be the DH 643 project. We have capped the total production run at 125 models. These were researched by the same team that did the PAs and the recent KM project and should be spectacular. We have a few of each version remaining for reservation.

Please see the next post for more information on a re-run of our popular DODX flatcars.

Thanks for your support

Chuck and Ed