About Union Terminal Imports

Importers of unique railroad models hand crafted in brass. Models will be manufactured by the world’s finest brass model craftsman in Korea. Each model will have all of the finest features of the latest state of the art brass model releases, including full factory finish, smooth operational capabilities and state of the art detailing. UTI will focus on unique, less common prototypes and models that are unlikely to be produced by other traditional manufactures both brass and plastic. These models are intended for those that demand the finest railroad models available at any price yet will not sacrifice operational capability in exchange for fidelity and accuracy. UTI is planning on producing complete passenger trains, separate revenue cars, private varnish and motive power for these trains. Watch for additional updates soon.

Chuck Sted, Partner

Chunk Sted
Mr. Sted has been modeling and collecting in HO scale brass railroad equipment for twenty years. He has a large home layout which was designed for operating brass passenger trains. He has a passion for running his models and has applied many techniques for prototypically correct detail and smooth, reliable operation. He has mastered skills at a professional level in modifying and finishing brass models. He is a member of many railroad historical societies and a supporter of railroad research and restoration projects. He is a health care executive and leads a large multi-hospital system in Hawaii. His personal modeling skills will ensure UTI models meet the highest standards of operational and detail fidelity and his professional skills will be the basis for strategic execution of all business related activity at UTI.

Ed Kurzenski, Partner

Ed Kurzenski
Mr. Kurzenski has many years experience in the model railroad community. He has been collecting brass model trains for over forty years and has a specific interest in late 1950’s and 1960’s passenger equipment and Western United States railroad diesel locomotives. He is a telecommunications company executive by training with over 30 years experience engineering, managing and operating technical teams in the telecommunications industry. His technical and operational background provides him a solid foundation for managing the day to day operational activities and being well positioned to describe and design technical requirements of the models to be produced by UTI.

Dr. David Allen, Research & Project Management

Dr. David Allen, Research and Project Management
Dr. Allen has decades of experience in the creation of brass passenger train models. David is well known to collectors and modelers for his contribution to the continuous improvement and advancement of the quality, detail and finish of imported brass passenger car models. He has provided the prototype research for the majority of brass passenger car imports. David’s involvement with Union Terminal Imports projects will assure collectors and modelers of the exterior and interior quality, accuracy and operability that has become the standard with recent brass imports from Korea.

Se Ho Jang, President – Boo-Rim Precision Co., Inc

Se Ho Jang, President of Boo-Rim Precision
Se Ho Jang, President of Boo-Rim Precision and Chuck Sted shake hands on the building of Union Terminal Imports’ first passenger car project, the Southern Pacific Coast Daylight and San Joaquin Daylight in the 1960’s era of the smooth side stainless steel cars.

Boo-Rim Precision is well known to brass train modelers and collectors for exquisite quality, craftsmanship, accuracy and operability.

Fred Hill, Board of Advisors

Fred Hill, Board of Advisors
Fred Hill’s name has been synonymous with high quality brass models for many years. His pioneering efforts have helped evolve brass passenger car models from little more than metal shells to the state of the art highly detailed works of art, collectors and operators have come to expect today. In his role as a member of the UTI advisory board Fred will provide manufacturing insight and perspective to help ensure UTI provides the highest quality models possible. He also provides an excellent avenue for us to understand the challenges retailers in the model railroad space face day to day.

Dr. Nick Muff, Board of Advisors

Dr. Muff has been collecting brass model railroad equipment and modeling in HO scale for over 50 years. He has a large home layout with a focus on passenger railroading from the late 1940’s to the mid 1950’s. The center piece of the model railroad is a scale recreation of Kansas City Union Station and downtown Kansas City. The stage for the model railroad is set by a full scale F-7 locomotive cab and a ACF passenger car mock-up. He enjoys CAD drawing. Over one hundred of his articles and plans have been published. He is a member of the National Model Railroad Association and several historical societies. For twelve years now he has been involved in research, drawing and production of fine HO scale brass models of steam and diesel locomotives and passenger equipment of the Mid-west. He is a Radiation Oncologist practicing in the Washington State.

9 thoughts on “About Union Terminal Imports

  1. Hello guys, I’ve been looking to buy your northern pacific lowey two tone F-7 A&B units or your F-7 A&A units. Please let me know if you have one set available for me. THANKS AGAIN, MACK

  2. Hello, I have many UTI models. I have ripped one of the packing tissues the models are wrapaped in. How do I get a replacement? Thanks, Tom

    • Hello Tom – I am sorry but we have no replacement packaging for the models. I believe The Original Whistlestop has replacement inner wrapping for brass models. You might check with them.

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