Two new additions for the 10-6 sleeper project.

Responding to numerous dealer and customer requests, UTI is pleased to announce two more versions of the Norfolk & Western Pullman built 10-6 sleepers. In addition to the already announced McDowell County UTI 1072-3 in PRR Tuscan red, UTI will produce factory painted Sussex County UTI 1072-4 and Buchannan County UTI 1072-5 in PRR Tuscan red. Please check the catalogue numbers in the 10-6 Pullman tab and contact your dealer to make a reservation. The previous listing for this model in the unpainted version is changed to UTI 1072-6.

UTI Announces Partnership with Rod Aszman

Renowned Railroad and California Historical artist Rod Aszman and UTI have partnered to bring your brass models into historic paintings. Each of the paintings below capture a UTI model in a prototypic setting. Please check with Rod for details on what is possible. Think of the upcoming PA, KM and other future projects.

Original Oil Painting of SP number 99 along the California Coast by Railroad Artist Rod R. Aszman.  (Chuck Sted Collection)