IC Trains and SP, IC, Wabash E Unit update.

The IC, Wabash and SP E unit production samples were at Chuck’s house last weekend for final inspection and were returned to Korea on Monday. There are no further changes to the brass. Final corrections submitted to Boo-Rim were for paint and lettering. Delivery of the entire production run of E units is estimated end of August. Final corrections to the brass models of the IC trains and 10-6 sleepers are being soldered now and painting will begin soon. Delivery of these passenger cars is estimated end of October.

Illinois Central / 10-6 passenger car update. Get your reservations in this week.

We will be setting final production quantities on Friday April 19 for the IC City of Miami, City of New Orleans as well as all the 10-6 sleeper versions. Any reservations received after that date will be placed on the back-up list. Please get your reservations in now…..

The KMs have arrived and are on the way to dealers.

The Krauss Maffei project models have arrived and most have been shipped to dealers. I am biased but they are spectacular. There are a couple models remaining. If you didn’t get the one you wanted. Have your dealer check. They will all be gone by the end of next week. – Special thanks to Bob Zenk and Se Ho for a great data / research package and amazing execution. 

SP E7s – very limited – very short order window!

Hello Everyone

We are excited to announce production in brass of SP E7A 6001 in the experimental “Halloween” scheme along with 1960’s era E7A and B units in the scarlet and grey scheme. 60’s era units will be de-skirted. Roof details will include airfoils and smoke lifters. Please check the SP E7 tab for additional details. There will be a short fuse on the cutoff date for these SP E7’s, so please get your reservations to your dealer soon.

KM Project update Update

Bob Zenk our technical expert partner on this project has been posting photos and descriptions on numerous online forums (Trainorders.com – Facebook SP Prototype modelers page and the 9010 Facebook page. Please check them out of you haven’t seen them yet. Final reservations are due by this Saturday. These models will elevate the art of brass diesel models to a level never before seen. – thanks for your support

Below is a small sample of the correction note package we sent back to Boo Rim