SP Narrow Gauge Project!!!! – The Slim Princess in HOn3 – by Boo Rim Precision

We are happy to announce a new and we hope very well received HOn3 project. The SP Narrow Gauge! In this project we will produce all of the motive power from the 1950’s forward including number 8, 9 and the newly restored #18 as well as diesel #1.  We will also produce some select pieces of rolling stock including the number 401 in two versions, the number 12 combine, the water tender tank car and four different freight cars. We know there are many fans of the Slim Princess and we really hope to receive the reservations needed to make this project a reality. There is a list above with the specific versions of each piece we will do. The photos below show some of the versions and there are references to other photos that are available in books and on-line. Please see your dealer and get your reservations in on these. They are critical in making this a reality. 

Photo by Scott Inman UTI 5703-2

Photo by Gordon Clark UTI 5703-1

Photo by Scott Inman UTI 5703-2 Photo by Dudley Westler UTI 5701-2Photo by Dudley Westler UTI 5700 Photo by Alden Armstrong UTI 5704-1

Photo by Dudley Westler UTI 5703-1 Photo by Chard Walker UTI 5709 – there will be multiple road numbersPhoto by Chard Walker UTI 5706 Photo by Dudley Westler UTI 5708 Photo by Dudley Westler UTI 5705 (the auxiliary water tender)  Photo by Dudley Westler UTI 5711 there will be multiple numbers 


10-6 Sleeper “project update”

We are pleased to add five more versions to the 10-6 sleeper line up based on a number of requests that have reached critical mass.
-RF&P cars painted in PRR Tuscan, lettered RF&P, car names King & Queen ( reserve UTI 1072-2KQ) and King George (reserve UTI 1072-2KG).
-L&N cars painted PRR Tuscan, lettered L&N, car names Kentucky River (reserve UTI 1072-1KR) and Barren River(reserve UTI 1072-1BR).
-Southern cars, fluted stainless steel, fully finished with Southern and Pullman lettering but NO car name applied. Reserve UTI 1084-5.

New Passenger Train Project – Wabash City of Kansas City

We are pleased to announce production of the Wabash City of Kansas City. The project includes seven car sets in the following configurations;

Configuration 1) Wabash Blue/Natural Aluminum with Railroad Roman lettering, narrow width diaphragms and skirts.

Configuration 2) Banner Blue with Gothic lettering, narrow width diaphragms and shirts.

Single cars are available in Banner Blue lettered Norfolk And Western with narrow width diaphragms and skirts. The baggage/RPO is not available in N&W livery as the car was destroyed in a wreck in 1961. Wabash E7A #1000 is being produced ( UTI # 5525-1 ) and is available for reservation under the tab with the IC E units. Thanks in advance for getting your reservations in early. Production of the Wabash E7A will begin in June with late fall 2018 delivery. Wabash passenger cars are expected early to mid 2019. Remember we build only to reserved model quantities. Please contact your dealer to reserve if you are interested in any of these.

photos courtesy of Nick Muff